Once overlooked on the ground now transformed into spherical installations. Each stone in the collection is delicately knotted to hemp strings and individually assembled, demanding a meticulous commitment to physical and mental discipline.

In this repetitive practice, done on-site at the gallery space, Rein Kooyman experiences a temporary simplification of his current human existence. Time becomes fluid: a space where past, present, and future blend seamlessly. The act of repetition releases time’s grasp, offering a momentary escape from the constraints we often impose on ourselves.

To suspend the 2,000 stones used in the installation, four kilometers of threads are required. This results in a visual and tactile representation of the artist’s journey at National Parc des Écrins and the transformation of these ancient stones.

Important to note is that the installation is temporary.

After the presentation concludes, the artist will return the stones to their origins, symbolizing the cyclical nature of existence and the impermanence of our human constructs.